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Fidget Spinner

Project: Object creation – Learn how to model on Corel, export to lasercut and construct your own fidget spinner. Location: SBA (Slovak Business Agency) – Bratislava, Slovakia. Tutor: Arch. Ramon Velazquez and Andrej Gerhard. Type: Local open workshop at Creative Point, “DIY: Fidget Spinner”. … Seguir leyendo

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Spacial Dices

Project: Installation -Generative growing structure constructed with digital fabrication technology- Location: ARCHA – Bratislava, Slovakia. Tutors: Arch. Ramon Velazquez and Eng. Arch. Tomas Tholt. Participants: A. Labuda, A. Mintegui, V. Freitas, D. Vander Stockt, K. Barenyiova, L. Budacova. Type: Local Workshop … Seguir leyendo

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Home – “Teple Domov”

Project: Sculpture -Light wood structure built with laser cut joints. The shape reinterpret old African constructing systems- Location: Vedecky Park – Bratislava, Slovakia. Type: State procurement.    

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Wall of Sticks

Project: Installation -Interactive wall done with wood pieces creating a random pattern-Location: Poznan, Poland. Tutors: Arch. Ramon Velazquez, Eng. Arch. Roman Janata, Eng. Arch. Kristina Riečičiarová. (Nice Architects) Participants: J. Krata, T. Budnicki, A. Smyczinska, P. Pokrzywa, F. Potoczek, P. Slusarski, M. Furkan, … Seguir leyendo

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Lysergic Lunar Module

Project: Exterior Sculpture -Installation inspired on regular polyhedra- Location: Trencin, Slovakia. Type: Local Competition “Pohoda Festival” (short listed).

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Chair for Everyone

Project: Chair -Open source design following the logic of laser cutting using the minimum amount of material- Team: Arch. Ramon Velazquez with FABLAB.SK Type: Non commercial. Open source link:

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Trapped Noses

Project: Urban Sculpture -Concrete loft volume following a mathematical expression- Location: Novosibirsk, Russia. Type: International Competition “Worlds of el Lissitzky”.

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